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Cronidur® 30 Stainless Steel

Cronidur®30, a stainless martensitic steel, has greater corrosion resistance then 440c, and is longer wearing. Applications include aviation, medical engineering, industrial applications, precision mechanics, and many more!

Cronidur® 30 features

  • superior corrosion resistance
  • excellent machinability
  • high dimensional stability after heat treatment
  • excellent grinding and polishing ability to obtain optimal surface quality
  • high durability by maximum hardness under static and dynamic demands
  • good wear resistance
  • high temper resistance up to 500 °C

Cronidur® 30 Typical Applications

  • exhibits higher corrosion resistance than 1.2083, 1.4112,1.4301, 1.4571
  • offers higher wear resistance to 1.4034, 1.2363 or 1.4528
  • tougher and secondary hardening alternative to all corrosion resistant PM-steels

Cronidur® 30 is the ideal solution

  • For tools and machine parts which need high toughness under static and dynamic stresses
  • For tools and machine parts which are in contact with very corrosive fluids or gases even under bad abrasive conditions
  • Compared to the commonly used tool steels 1.2316, 1.4112 and 1.4125 if higher corrosion resistance is requested
  • And/or if there are higher requirements concerning grindability and polishabilty to achieve better surface conditions

Download Cronidur® 30 Data Sheet

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