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From its early foundations during and after the second world war, aluminium metal stockholding has evolved throughout the past seven decades. Today, our profession continues to change apace, and is now a truly multi-faceted business. Recent technological advancements, such as Specialty Metals cutting/profiling and pre-machining of plate and bar, have aided more efficient and cost-effective solutions for clients.

With an extensive range of American and OEM specifications PASU boasts a huge stock range of stainless steel; carbon/alloy steels and nickel alloys.

Progressive Alloy only buys from approved and highly-reputable mills. All materials originate from trusted and proven manufacturers. Mills are also commonly accessed for specific grades. Goods are packed on site to ensure complete product protection during transit, whether by road, air, sea or surface freight.

stainless steel

  • 15-5PH AMS5659, AMS5862, BMS7-240
  • 17-4PH AMS5643, AMS5604
  • 13-8MO AMS5629, AMS5864, DMS2100
  • 13-8 SUPERTOUGH® AMS5934
  • Custom 465® AMS5936, BMS7-364, ASTM-A-564, ASTM-F-899, ASTM-A-693, MMPDS-01, UNS46500
  • A286 AMS5726, AMS5731, AMS5732, AMS5737, AMS5853
  • 440c AMS5630, AMS5880
  • 440c VAR AMS5618
  • 416T (RC 26-32) AMS5610, ASTM-A-582 Cond. T
  • Cronidur 30® AMS5898
  • Nitronic 50 AMS5764
  • Nitronic 60 AMS5848
  • 420 ESR AMS5621
  • 321/321H AMS5645
  • 316/316L
  • 347/347H AMS5646
  • 4340 VAR AMS6414 BMS7-28
  • 300M (4340 VAR) AMS6417 BMS7-26
  • 4330M VAR AMS6411 BMS7-122 BMS7-27
  • 52100 VAR AMS6444
  • 9310 VAR AMS6265
  • HY-TUF AMS6425
  • HP9-4-30 AMS6526 BMS7-182
  • MP35N AMS5844
  • MP159 AMS5842
  • L-605 AMS5759
  • 625 AMS5666
  • 718 AMS5662

high temperature alloys

  • Alloy 600 / 625
  • Alloy 718 / 722 / X-750 AM 350
  • Hastelloy® X / C / R
  • Hastelloy® C276
  • Haynes® 188 / 55
  • Inconel L-605
  • Monel 400 N-155
  • René 41®
  • Waspaloy®

Cronidur® 30 Stainless Steel

Cronidur® 30, a stainless martensitic steel, has greater corrosion resistance then 440c, and is longer wearing. Applications include aviation, medical engineering, industrial applications, precision mechanics, and many more!

Cronidur® 30 is the ideal solution!

  • For tools and machine parts which need high toughness under static and dynamic stresses
  • For tools and machine parts which are in contact with very corrosive fluids or gases even under bad abrasive conditions
  • Compared to the commonly used tool steels 1.2316, 1.4112 and 1.4125 if higher corrosion resistance is requested
  • And/or if there are higher requirements concerning grindability and polishabilty to achieve better surface conditions


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Aero Metals Alliance (AMA) provides Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Titanium, Nickel Alloys and supply chain management services to the world’s leading aerospace companies. We currently operate from fourteen Service Centres in five countries throughout the America, Europe and Asia

This enables us to aggregate demand across a single supply chain on behalf of the world’s leading OEMs whilst at the same time providing a truly responsive local service to meet the needs of individual sub-contractors anywhere in the world.

Each of our Service Centres are equipped with the latest technology to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.


In the markets in which they operate, our businesses have established their own reputations
for industry experience, knowledge and expertise.

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